Sworn translator for English and Dutch H.T. Hamering


I am available for translations, including sworn translations, from English into Dutch or from Dutch into English; also for editing.

A few examples: press releases, presentations, instructions, newsletters, websites, tourist brochures, contracts, general terms and conditions, certificates, diplomas.

Sworn translations

A sworn translation consists of:
- a copy of the text to be translated (the source text);
- the translation (stamped and initialled by the translator on the first page);
- a statement in the target language (stamped and signed by the translator) saying, among other things, that the translation is a full, true and faithful translation of the document attached and that the translator has been sworn by a district court.

Legalization and apostille

A sworn translation can be legalized by the District Court in Groningen.

Shortened procedure: the District Court will place an apostille stamp if the destination country is party to the Apostille Convention.

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